If you have decided to try out yoga, then good for you! Not only does it have stress relief benefits, but it also restores the balance of your body, mind, and spirit. You’ll definitely come out of it feeling happier, calmer, and physically fit as well.



However, many beginners leave yoga after the first session itself because they are not walked through how to approach the ancient practice. Many also treat it simply as a set of physical exercises that have to be performed one after the other. But this is not how yoga is supposed to be done! Your mind needs to be actually invested in the process and you have to use the right breathing techniques to get the most out of it. 

To reap the benefits of yoga and to ensure that you do not get bored, we have compiled a set of tips for you. Read on to know more: 


Find a yoga guru

It is important to acknowledge that the commercialization of this 3000-year-old Indian practice has led to many myths being propagated about the same. The modern forms that we now see might cause a lot of health problems too if you are not careful. So, ensure that you get in touch with a yoga guru who has pure knowledge of the theoretical and the practical aspects of yoga. He or she will keep you motivated when you feel like giving up. In addition to this, you will also keep injuries at bay when you learn from an expert


Go to a class to be consistent 

If you live in London or can go online, sign up for a local yoga class for beginners so that you don’t miss out on practice. Everyone will be at the same level as you so you won’t be embarrassed about your form! 




The secret to being good at something is to do it as regularly as possible. You will be able to find your rhythm in a class if you have been facing trouble learning from books and videos. In addition to this, you will be encouraged to push yourself when you are in an environment that makes you want to work towards the best version of yourself. 


Know your limits

Be realistic when you start out. For instance, you should know that learning all known yoga asanas in one week is not possible. Instead, take it slow and work on improving your flexibility and strength before you move on to the tougher poses. 

Lastly, be patient. Rome was not built in a day! Focus on your breathing and work towards relaxing your entire body during the initial days. In a few weeks, you will see a difference if you keep at it!