Eagle pose strengthens the back, creates space between the shoulder blades, builds up and steadies the thighs and calves as well as increases concentration. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it correctly:



  • Stand in a comfortable position with your feet together. Straighten your arms in front of you and then bend your knees a little into chair pose and lift your right leg off the floor.
  • Wrap your right thigh across the left calf.
  • Bend both your elbows to make right angles while your forearms are perpendicular to the floor.
  • The left elbow and the wrist should cross over the right elbow and wrist.
  • Bend lower and get closer to the floor to stretch all the muscles. Remember to focus on your breathing as well,
  • Exhale and untangle your hands. Do the same with your legs and stand upright again. Now repeat with the other side for toned calves and thighs!

Benefits of Eagle Pose

  1. Stronger arms, legs, knees and ankles.
  2. Open shoulder joints, creating space between the shoulder blades.
  3. Open hips and IT band.
  4. Increased circulation to all joints.
  5. Improved digestion and elimination.
  6. Improved balance.
  7. Improved focus.


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