If you thought that yoga is meant just for adults, you’re so so wrong! Individuals of any age can reap the innumerable benefits of yoga by hitting the mat every day. Kids, in particular, will gain a lot as it helps strengthen bones in the developmental years. If this practice is continued well into adulthood, not only will it enhance their mental and physical well-being, but it will also do wonders for their confidence and concentration levels. 

Why Is Yoga Good For Your Child?

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, studies have proved time and again that practising yoga every day helps to lower anxiety and stress levels.


Moreover, if your kids are extremely restless or hyperactive, then introducing them to yoga might be the antidote as it will make them calmer while ushering in a sense of balance in their lives. 

One extremely beautiful aspect of yoga is the heightened awareness it brings once you get into the flow. It stops the brain from wandering and keeps your thoughts in check by making your stay in the present every single time. Apart from this, a paper published in the International Journal of Yoga and Applied Sciences also details the effectiveness of the yogic practice in improving memory and attention levels of high school students significantly. Better memory and attention means better grades at school. So, there is no reason why your child should give this a miss!

How To Make My Child Love Yoga?

For starters, it would be prudent to get in touch with a local or online yoga expert if you are unsure of whether your children are ready to learn yoga. If they are, then what poses would be appropriate for them? These are the questions that you should probe before taking the plunge. 

Also, younger children might not really be interested in gaining theoretical knowledge of the ancient practice right on Day 1. Instead, make sure that you walk the extra mile to make the learning exercise fun and engaging! 

First of all, make it a group activity so that the entire family can actually share this experience together. Not only will it deepen your connections, but it will also be good for everyone’s health! So, definitely a win-win situation. 

Next, start with some really basic poses. Children have a lot of fun while trying out Happy Baby Pose and the Tree Pose, so don’t forget to try them out. 

Remember, the key is to encourage them to make it a regular part of their life. For that to happen, the first class can be a ‘gamified’ by asking them to mimic you as you perform yoga poses. If they are successful, they get a reward!


As long as it’s safe, there is no reason why you should keep your child away from yoga because it’s like a natural health boost for them! But if you want to get trained yourself before teaching them, sign up for my yoga classes for beginners  today!