Namaste_()_ my friends and a big Hello! I am Arnab and I welcome you to my world! A little about me first before I lead you on to the purpose that I crystallized Moveintostillness Yoga. Below are a few pictures of me in Kathmandu and in Peak District in England, so that you can put a face to the name.


                            In Kathmandu, Nepal.                                                     Meditating on a rock in Stanage Edge in Peak District, Central England. UK.                     Sirsasana/Headstand on the Stanage Edge                                        

My journey of growth, questions, authenticity and actions

Every little experience in life is meant for your growth. Life's full of surprises. So, I take it that my mother leaving us never to be seen again before I turned teen, or seeing dad suffer and losing almost everything he had, or close friends and relatives dying in their primes, and you know the usual happenings in life, were all a part and parcel of my growth. They did or it happened to them as per their journeys, and mine was to learn from them....with some nostalgia.

So, a beautiful life with its little dramas. But there was a deep 'unfulfilled' space which, although I didn't realise at the time like many of us, wasn't related to the outside world. I It left me confused in both my professional and personal life. I was 'successful' and did good at work and family but both were not addressing an inner longing.

Understanding happens through questioning. I was not able to express a few of my deepest yearnings because there was a voice which spoke about doing the right thing. The 'right' thing, of course, was based on the conditionings I had acquired from various sources - my education in a catholic boarding school where they told you in church that all so called 'good' things were sin or my upbringing as an Indian, although not a staunch Hindu family, where the scriptures spoke about 'Dharma', or doing the right thing. These, and social conditionings which arose from society at large, were interfering with my decisions and actions in life. I was unclear. So, somewhere deep inside, a lack of authenticity created a division in me. I wanted something but wasn't sure whether it was 'right' as I had read so much about 'right' and 'wrong' in so many holy books. And, so many questions remain unanswered and more were on the way!

Soon, the understanding started dawning on me. The concept of Dharma or 'doing the ideal thing' itself is not incorrect. But let me also say with equal emphasis that what is incorrect is the assumption of 'what is ideal' for a person's state of understanding/ignorance at any particular time. The expectation that everyone stands at the same level of understanding is obviously unrealistic and also unwarranted. But the painting of everyone with the same brush leads to this great misunderstanding in society that there is 'right' and 'wrong' rather than addressing the 'growth' needs of individuals based on their standing in life at a particular time. For example, it is the same concept happening in the educational system right now. One student is better than another on the basis that everyone has the same capacity for learning certain things in a certain way. A standardised approach. We now know and it has been evidenced that this approach is incorrect and discriminatory in nature. Also, the very concepts of right and wrong are derived from a fear/judgement based education rather than love. When Jesus ( and many others such as Socrates) said similar things, we all know what happened.

When the questions are deep and unceasing, the Source/ Guru appears. It was then that the 'revelation-ary' 'The 'Autobiography of a Yogi' entered my life with great intensity, and, finally, I ended up learning from my first spiritual master, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a Himalayan Kriya Yoga master, through whom I regained much of my grounding and, at the same time, it exposed me to the world of the mystical Himalayan Yogis. When personal crises loomed like ominous clouds and when the 'thunderstorms' began, I also discovered Osho, a highly controversial mystic who had taken the world by storm in the 1970-1980s by his scathing observations about society and conditionings. He shook many religious orders by his declarations. But, it wasn't him alone. Many mystics and masters have come before and after him and said similar things but were either largely ignored because of strict social norms which existed at the time or they were just 'crucified'.... in different ways.

Finally, in mid 2018, stepped into my world, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, or just Sadhguru, as the world knows him. I say 'finally' because I know that there is nowhere else to go from here. It is from him, I learnt and continue to learn to apply spirituality to life. I speak as if they are different or linear just for an understanding but spirituality is the essence of life, one within the other. Unless we first identify ourselves with the truth of who we are, we will always be treading on thin ice. As Sadhguru says, clarity must always be the first step in life before one is empowered because history is witness to the fact that confidence without clarity is a disaster. And, the reason that humanity is on the brink of disaster is because although we are the most technologically advanced and comfortable generation ever, we are also the most miserable because we do not know how to use the tools we create to do what is best for life as a whole.

Authenticity is the first step. My greatest realisation was that not by reading or watching others do it can one achieve the Truth. One has to walk it. One has to imbibe the properties. Many prophets and yogis did the same. One has to pass through the 'eye of the needle' to know the truth. It's never an easy path because you have to now start unwinding the lie that you have lived most of your life. No doubt that the people who trusted the 'you' they thought you were, will feel deceived and betrayed. But it is a journey one must undertake because unless you know yourself, 'deception' becomes the order by default. The first Truth to start with it is to question yourself until you reach the core, your own authentic self. Who are you?

I have understood that 'If one is not in the state, one should not assume the status' which basically means that if you are not ready, you should not don the robes. So, let's say some wants to be the president but does not have the 'energy' or the 'quality' of one, should not force, lie or bribe his/her way to that position. If he or she does say, two things are likely to happen - it will destroy the state or it will result in his/her downfall eventually. And, have we not seen similar examples in history before?

Actions that lead to the Truth. So, what should one do? For, being the ideal person is what everyone wants. To be that unshakeable person in the face of adversity. In authenticity, lies the answer and always so, One has to be true to oneself and understand where one stands and not be a pretender. Not only that one must accept and acknowledge oneself in totality but it is also important that one must not stop there, for what is the use of knowledge without action? They are mere words in a book or thoughts in the mind. One has to start work on oneself to grow. Life's only purpose is growth until the growth leads one to the highest possibility.

Walk the talk. So, the purpose behind Moveintostillness Yoga is to spread this understanding that you don't need to be afraid in life. You have to be yourself, you have to 'de-condition' yourself from years of brainwashing by society who come in the form of parents, relatives, friends, teachers and even certain so called mentors. Mind you, they meant well, every one of them and wanted the best for you but, the question my dear friend, is were they well informed themselves? They were, themselves, victims of social conditioning. If you want to grow, you have to learn to explore and implement the learnings in life.

In other words, walk the talk. You have to leave behind the social constructs and free yourself from all conditionings until you are a child of five again. Then, life becomes a place for your Truth. You live it and you die it. And, you help others do the same because suddenly, in knowing and accepting yourself, you have known and accepted creation the way it is and not the way you have been 'taught' to know it.


My purpose. While I continue on my path, I will help those who are feeling disillusioned or looking for a helping hand, a way out of this illusion, out of this delirious misunderstanding that has been created in this world. I can help you release your negative thoughts and emotions which have worked their way into your subconscious mind and filled you with lower vibrations. These thoughts arise through the suppression of innocent desires and feelings of fear, guilt, shame and leave you with feelings of unworthiness and loneliness. They dim your true light and prevent you from reaching your highest potential in life!

How I help in your transformation. Yoga is the way and, mind you, by yoga, I don't refer to gymnastics or contortionism. That would be absurd! The elementary postures called yogasanas are only 1/8th of the whole process and required in specific doses. The main yogic practices are aimed at the mental and energy layers of your being and I employ those methods that make your energies more balanced and efficient, and help you to channelise them into the higher chakras or energy wheels where the vibrations are higher. When your vibrations are higher and stronger, your lower consumptive and dependant nature are transformed into an overflowing nature and creativity. The more creative and giving in nature you become, the closer you get to the true nature of creation and the creator. It is the way to the understanding of being one. One with yourself, one with the world, One with the Universe, It has been the way for millions earlier and continues to do so. No doubt that in the process, some wonderful changes will happen, physically and psychologically and will be evident to those around you. Of course, those byproducts are most welcome, too! Yoga is the journey to a deeper, fulfilling life by physical and mental actions which lead to touching new and higher possibilities of yourself.

The journey is from illusion to reality and, if you are ready for it, please dive right in and enrol for our classes!

As the yogic sciences have helped me in my own life in ways more than one, I feel inclined to share the same with others with the aim of healing themselves physically and psychologically. Having studied and practised various methods by various masters, I employ simple means including 'asanas'/physical postures, pranayama/breath mastery and dharana/concentration techniques, dhyan/meditation practices. I also use energetic practices such as chakra balancing and healing for holistic wellbeing using bio energetic movements, yoga flows and meditation practices.


As I continue on my own journey of learning, it reminds me of what Albert Einstein had famously said “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.'

And, yet I feel ready to walk with others in the same space, a space that creates harmony within oneself, and adds the same to our existence, for at the quantum level, all is one. Consciousness.