Yoga is wonderful in that it is a self help science. It is subjective in nature and you are your own laboratory. You will be doing this because you want to not only increase your own efficiency but also work on the level and quality of your energy.


We offer a comfortable and gentle mix of hatha and ashtanga yoga classes for beginners and intermediates. There are individual as well as multiple drop in sessions and also structured courses of 6 or more classes as the case may be, to address specific issues such as those related to body flexibility or digestive/abdominal problems.

The classes will generally include the following methods.

Asanas ( postures)

Pranayama ( breathing practices)

Yoga Nidra ( Yogic sleep)

These practices offer a holistic method towards overall wellbeing thus making the body more efficient and sustainable.

More details on booking classes can be found on the booking page. Please send your queries on the message form on the page.