Yoga Mat Bag Backpack Snowflake Style Waterproof

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  • This yoga bag is made of high quality Oxford fabric with light weight and excellent abrasion resistance. The straps are made of nylon material with high strength, while ensuring that they will not rot after wet water.
  • This yoga bag can accommodate yoga mats, fitness clothing and other sports needs, to meet the needs of large capacity.
  • This yoga bag strap is made of nylon and can be adjusted in length. The shoulder strap is designed with shoulder pads, which can reduce the stress on the shoulder and make the back more comfortable. .
  • This yoga bag's interior planning is reasonable, and it's easy and reasonable to place the items. The package is a double zipper design. The zipper is of good quality. The zipper has smooth serrated teeth, and is smooth and non-caloric. It is more convenient to accept and is delicate and durable.
  • This yoga bag is smooth without damaging the skin. The inner lining of the bag is waterproof and strong and wearable.
  • This yoga bag is compact and easy to store. The bag is widely used for yoga, fitness, dance and other activities.



27 x 6 in

70 x 15 cm