More well-known as the Corpse Pose, many people love Savasana because it’s the easiest yoga pose out there! It is usually performed at the end of your average yoga regimen so that your whole body and mind get to relax after a strenuous yoga session.



But many skip this pose to rush to work or to make breakfast to start their day. There are also a few who believe that they are not working out their bodies when they are performing this pose, so it has no benefits attached to it. This is mainly because the asana involves lying down on your back for a few minutes and staying still.

Any yoga guru who knows the philosophy behind the ancient practice will tell you how important it is to wrap up every session with Savasana. If you are wondering about what it does to your body, then this blog is for you. Read on to find out the benefits of performing Savasana: 

  • After waking up your nervous system as well as your immune system with all the bendy yoga poses, it is important to find a balance by slowing down. It regulates your heartbeat rate, slows down your breathing and keeps a check on your blood pressure. 

  • As you lie there for some precious moments with yourself, you enter into a heightened state of consciousness that enriches your spiritual life and enhances your emotional well-being. 

  • If you have been really stressed or anxious for a while, then this pose will really help. 

  • All the tightness in muscles and stiff bones open up and feel much better when you stay loyal to the Savasana pose. After every 30 minutes of yoga asanas, you should ideally spend at least 5 minutes in this pose for the best results. This will bring you closer to distancing yourself from the external environment and actually turning inwards to study your state of mind. 

So yes, don’t skip this part if you want to make the most of your yoga practice. If you are looking for yoga retreats for beginners to learn these poses, then get in touch with us now.